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SGCC Dx51d SGLCC Az Hot Dipped Galvalume Steel Coil Aluzinc Az150 Afp

Commodity: Regular Spangle
Grade: 55%
Standard: 7210610000
Mechnical: 0.12mm-3.0mm
Surface treatment: 15mm-1800mm
Hardness: In coil,But can cut according to customer requirements
Thickness: 40G/m2-275/m2
Width: 1 ton
Coil weight: chromated,anti-finger print,colored anti-finger print
Packaging: Seaworthy packaging suitable for  export Or according to  customer's requirements
Coil  liside  Diameter: Roofing,wall panel,furniture appliances,construction materials and so om
Transport  Type: TT,LC(at sight or usance LC 30-180days))
Transport  Type: 0

Material properties: It has certain ductility and is suitable for simple forming, bending or welding processing.

Typical applications: Home appliance panels, such as air conditioner indoor and outdoor units, computer cases, refrigerator back panels and color-coated substrates, etc.;

Disadvantages of galvanized light sheet

1Welding performance

Due to the increased mechanical properties of galvalume, the surface coating density of the inner base material is better and the manganese content is relatively high. Therefore, galvalume cannot be welded under ordinary welding conditions and can only be connected through rivets and other methods. In terms of welding, hot-dip galvanized steel sheets perform better and there are no welding problems.

2 Applicability of tidal temperature concrete

The composition of galvalume coating contains aluminum, which is prone to chemical reactions in direct contact with acidic, moist concrete. Therefore, it is not very suitable for floor boards.

3 Coating thickness and steel plate thickness restrictions

Most domestic galvanizing production units are modified from hot-dip galvanizing units, and there are certain restrictions on the thickness of galvanized steel sheets. Steel plate thickness is only limited to 0.27 to 2.5. In terms of coating, it can only achieve a minimum of 30 grams per square and a maximum of 220 grams per square.

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